The Tablet Library Manifesto

Collaboration space
Take out the books and make room for the people
Diverse layout that is comfortable
Meeting place and information hub
Flexible seating and meeting spaces
Remove the book shelves and make room for people
  1. Remove all physical books from the public library and make room for the people.
  2. Relocate the books to centralized warehouses where they can be scanned and digitized. 
  3. Book scanning priority will be based on historic frequency of use, and books that are requested by patrons that have not been digitized will be digitized upon request.  
  4. The new library space will be diverse in its layout and functionality
  5. Book shelves will be replaced with flexible seating and meeting spaces for both group collaboration and personal digital use.
  6. Floor plan should adapt to each individual library and the needs of the local community.
  7. Design of the library should be focused on providing collaboration space and quiet individual study space.
  8. Libraries should create an environment that is inviting and comfortable for using tablets and other portable electronic devices.
  9. The layout of the library should avoid any permanent fixtures and maintain an open floor plan so the library can adjust quickly to any unforeseen needs and or problems.
  10. The focus of the library should be connecting the local community to the wealth of digital information and make information locked up in paper books digitally available
  11. The majority of tablets should not be tethered to furniture or permanently attached, instead tablets should be part of a holistic security system that analyzes there location at all times inside and outside the library.
  12. Tablets can be checked out by library patrons, and are also available for in-library use without a library card.