National digital library gaining traction

DPLA Website screenshot

In its first six months since its establishment in April 2013 the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) has already grown quite large from an initial 2.4 million items available to now more than 5 million items currently available.

Named one of the best 50 websites of 2013 by TIME Magazine, the DPLA is an enormous free public library under one digital roof.

Current partners of the library had already been busy gathering digital data for years in anticipation for such a library, DPLA participants include the Library of Congress, Haiti trust digital library, the Internet archive, the Harvard library and more.

The DPLA was conceived only three years ago in an exploratory seminar at Harvard Radcliffe Institute for advanced study. It’s mission statement is to create "an open distributed network of comprehensive online resources I would draw on the nations living heritage from libraries universities archives and museums in order to educate inform and empower everyone in current and future generations"

The DPLA can serve as a critical link to Public libraries supplying needed digital information and books. Public libraries can supply the tools that local communities need to access this digital information and the DPLA can supply the digital information. It can also serve as a catalyst to move forward the theory of an all-digital library.

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