What about theft?

Traditional library security checkpoint
Automated checkout kiosk in library
Use tablet anywhere in or outside library

To keep tablets from being removed from the library without permission or damaged the following methods can be used.

  1. Use existing RFID tag systems for securing the tablets and tablet accessories.
  2. Use a tracking app installed on the tablets to monitor the device location inside the library at all times, and lock the device and or library doors if the tablet gets too close to the exits.
  3. The library can use security cases for tablets to protect them from abuse and theft. The cases can be locked and can have built in RFID tags and possibly an auditory alarm if the tablet is placed in a “booster bag” the alarm goes off.
  4. Use readily available anti-theft software like “Hidden” to recover missing tablets.

Because physical books will not be readily available in a tablet library, all patrons must be able to check out an e-reader or tablet to take home. If there is a concern about the patron not returning a tablet because of its cost, the library can start by lending out less expensive e-ink readers like Amazon kindle’s for $69, this will mitigate the loss if the device is damaged or not returned.

It is also important to remember that compared to the cost of multiple books tablets can be less expensive if lost or stolen.  At most public libraries patrons can check out up to 15 or more books at a time, the cost depending on the types of books can be equal to or greater than the cost of a tablet.